DM Devices offer a number of different inputs including:

  • Digital Inputs
  • Analogue (0-30V) inputs
  • 4-20mA Inputs
  • BLE
  • I2C
  • 1-wire

Check each individual product's datasheet for the full specification, but inputs are generalised here:

Digital InputDart2 (Ignition + 2)
G100 (Ignition + 4)
G120 (Ignition + 6)
G62 Cellular (Ignition + 2)
G62 LoRaWAN (Ignition + 2)
Falcon (2)
Digital Inputs with Pulse CountSensorData Sigfox (2)
SensorData LoRaWAN (3)
SensorNode LoRaWAN (2)
Eagle (3)
Analogue Inputs (0-30V)G120 (2)
G62 Cellular
G62 LoRaWAN (1)
Falcon (1)
SensorData LoRaWAN (1)
SensorData Sigfox (2)
SensorNode (2)
Eagle (2)
4-20mAEagle (2) 
I2CSensorData Sigfox
SensorData LoRaWAN
SensorNode LoRaWAN
SDI-12SensorData Sigfox
SensorData LoRaWAN
G62 Cellular

A brief description of each input:

Digital Inputs:

Used to determine on/off status. Will be registered as 0 (off) or 1 (on). 

Typical applications include panic buttons, door open closed, monitoring engine on/off, run hours when connected to a PTO

Analogue Inputs:

Can be connected to a variety of sensors e.g. Temp Sensor, ultrasonic sensor etc, that output a certain voltage based on the temp/distance etc. This can be thought of as a voltage input. 

Can also be used to read 4-20mA signals when combined with a sense resistor. 


Common sensor output. Sensor will output 4mA when at the minimum of its range, and 20mA when at the maximum. 


Some Digital Matter Devices have a BLE 5 Module on board. This means that any sensor that uses Bluetooth could be integrated into the device FW so the sensor can be read. 


Inter-IC communication. Low level communication interface which is used on many different sensor types. 


Commonly used in the Ag-Tech space for soil moisture probes etc. 


Generally used for I-Button Tags and readers. 

What Sensors do DM products support:

The following sensors are currently supported

Sensor TypeModelSupported Devices
TemperatureDM I2C Temperature ProbeAll DM devices with I2C input
Texas Instruments TMP117Falcon
Temperature + HumidityDM I2C Temp/Humidity SensorAll DM Devices with I2C input
Ultrasonic RangeMaxbotix MB7040Falcon
Infra RedMLX90614SensorNode LoRaWAN, SensorData LoRaWAN
WNKxxxx I2C

I need to use a sensor that isn't listed here, what are my options?

If an application requires a particular sensor that is not currently catered for, DM can integrate sensors.

I2C sensors are a common sensor type. I2C is a low level communication interface, so simply connecting an I2C sensor to a product with an I2C input in general will not work

Please contact DM so that the sensor can be integrated into device firmware. 

Similarly if a particular BT sensor is desired, contact DM for integration information.