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Maintenance Lists

Telematics Guru supports Scheduled Maintenance Reminders (SMR), where Odometer and Run Hour estimates are used in order to schedule regularly occurring jobs, i.e. every 10 000km, 500 hours, or 3 months. This allows assets to be effectively maintained and preventative maintenance carried out. 

Additionally, a history of all jobs completed is recorded with in TG which can be exported for an asset. 

Not all jobs occur on a planned, scheduled basis. For example such jobs may be:

  • Replace a cracked wing mirror
  • Replace a UHF radio which is broken/missing from an asset
  • Repair damage to panel after an accident 

Such jobs can be tracked within Telematics Guru bringing key benefits:

  • Small jobs can be added to the list as they crop up
    • They can all be completed at once at the scheduled 10 000km service for example
    • This allows required parts to be ordered ahead of an asset coming in for service - reducing downtime or multiple visits to the service centre. 
  • An entire history of all asset maintenance is tracked - helping resale value. 

Set Up

Even though Maintenance Lists do not run on a schedule - we create them as a specific "Unscheduled" schedule type. This ensures continuity with the other parts of the system. 

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