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Telematics Guru - Asset Addresses


In Telematics Guru, the address of an asset is shown on the live view as part of its Status

Address information is also contained in trip reports (i.e. trip list reports)

If one of the locations is a Geofence, the Geofence name will be displayed instead, but this can be disabled optionally. Generally it is best left on as it gives more context to the location. "Warehouse" might make more sense than some street address to most. 

How does TG get the address?

Devices don't actually know what their street address is, all they do is report a latitude and longitude (lat/long) up to the server. Telematics Guru must then convert this to an address. 

When a record comes in, Telematics Guru must make an API call to Google's Geolocation service. TG sends the lat/long, and Google replies with the street address. 

This is not done on every data point - as this would use enormous amounts of processing power - degrading the performance of TG. Additionally TG would be much more expensive! As Google charge based on the amount of address 'lookups'. 

When are the address lookups done?

Telematics Guru has the concept of "Trip Based" and "non Trip Based" assets, as an option under the I/O mappings in TG. For more detail see Getting Starting - TripsIf your device is set up for movement based tracking (most are by default and the correct default is in TG) - it is "Trip Based" and the lookup is done at the start and end of trips only. Specifically, on TG seeing a "Start of Trip" or "End of Trip" log reason in Telemetry. This applies to all hard wired devices + cellular battery powered devices aside from the Yabby Wi-Fi. 

For non Trip based assets, the lookup is done every Heartbeat. 

Common Queries and Troubleshooting

No address appears at all

In general, this will just be because Tracker 1 and Tracker 2 just haven't made a trip yet since being added to TG - so no lookup has occurred yet. As soon as they start a trip the address will appear. 

The device has made a trip, but the address never changes

This is common when we are setting Periodic Tracking up - and haven't unticked "Trip Based" from the I/O mappings. In periodic mode we only get heartbeats - which aren't looked up in "Trip Based" mode. The inverse might be true as well. 

Can I get more lookups to identify where events occurred with an address?

Currently this cannot be changed. Lookups only occur at the given times. 

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