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Setting up Secondary Run Hours

Telematics Guru can keep track of secondary run hours. For a description of primary run hours and odo readings, click here.

In order to make use of Secondary Run Hour functionality, this must be enabled on the organisation. 

Secondary run hour functionality is intended to track hours from a digital input or off an Alert. For example; Connect input 1 to a pump on a truck. The pump 'on' time will be accumulated in the secondary run hour counter. Use this to bill for the pumps use, or to schedule maintenance. This feature is simpler than primary run hours. The hours are not reportable on a trip by trip basis. Only the total is kept. The secondary run hours can be edited/updated on the asset directly. Go to Manage Assets->Edit Asset->Advanced->Enter Current Secondary Run Hours.

To set this up, an input needs to be linked to the feature. Follow these steps:

First create an event. Go to Admin-.>Event Types->New. Give it a name and be sure to tick Log Duration To Secondary Run Hours.

 Events V Alerts

for more information on events, check out the support article

Then link the event to the IO. Go to Manage Assets->Edit Asset->IO Mapping. Under Digital Mappings, click Add. Select the relevant input and name it. Under Event Type, specify the event you created.

When the IO is on, the event will be active and the duration will be added to the secondary run hours number.

You can view the current reading under Odo/Hours and the secondary run hours can be used with the Maintenance Module.

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