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Live View in Telematics can be useful to see an instant representation of where your assets are and in what state they are currently in. Below is a capture of the DMA - Sales Demo live view.

  1. Here you can choose whether to display a road map view or satellite view
  2. This is what Assets can look like on the live view
  3. The 'Map Menu' holds several great searching and grouping tools including groupings by Asset colour, project, Asset type and Department.

Selecting an Asset

You can either click on an asset from the Map Menu as shown above, or search using the tool in the menu itself. Once you select an asset, your map will zoom to it's location and show the information card. The information card displays the current Telemetry record log and can be altered to include the status of Digital IO Mappings through Edit Asset >> IO Mappings.

Asset Location Sharing

You can also click on the world icon to share the location to anyone via a link. The bell icon is to Activate a Movement Alert.

Location sharing has a number of options and customisations available that may be useful for courier companies or hire companies to track assets, parcels or loan vehicles. Asset sharing allows customers of such organisations to be temporarily given access to the location of the truck delivering their goods for example.


You will need to have Asset Sharing functionality enabled for the organisation to use this feature.
Head to Admin >> Organisations and edit the organisation to enable.

To share an asset, click the icon, and you will be presented with a dialogue. The dialogue allows you to select which bits of information you wish to share (for example you might not want to show the speed the driver is doing and potentially incriminate them!)

  1. Set the Start Date - this can be in the future
  2. Duration to share
  3. Generic Fields common to all assets and device types, tick to select what wants to be displayed
    1. The comment will be what is entered in 6
    2. Created by will display the full name of the user who has created the link.
  4. Asset Digital Inputs - as set up in the I/O Mappings. These are dependant on device
  5. Asset Device Analog Input values as per I/O mappings set up against the asset.

Once you've clicked Share, you will be taken to the Share asset location manager. 

This screen gives you an overview of all the current shared sessions (you can make more than 1 link).

  1. Current status of share link. Green icon means the link is live. Grey means it is yet to become active.
  2. Creation date, start date and duration of share
  3. Copy share link to the clipboard
  4. Email share link via TG
  5. Open share link in a new tab
  6. Delete the share link. It will stop working for anyone using it.
  7. New share - if you already have a link created, this is how to create a secondary one.

Below is an example of what is shown on the share link - the location + selected information.

Disabling Asset Update Pausing

The Live view on TG normally automatically updates the position and status of the assets. To reduce server load, browsers that have been idle for 4.5 minutes will suspend these automatic updates.  An "Asset Updates Paused" message will appear on the screen and the user must click OK to resume. 

This is not acceptable for control rooms, so this functionality can be disabled for a user. It is defaulted to enabled.

To disable this function for a user, the "Live Tracking No Timeout" permission must be ticked. To give this to another user, your user must have the permission - you cannot award a permission you do no have. If you cannot see this permission, contact support.

Follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the user's home organisation.
  2. Go to Admin->Users
  3. Click Edit for the user.
  4. Go to Permissions tab
  5. Scroll to the General category
  6. Tick "Live Tracking No Timeout"
  7. Click Save.

This is the permission to check:

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