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Hawk - GA Weather Station + DS18B20 Temp Probe

This example shows how the Hawk can be configured to read data from the GA Weather Station (over RS485) and DS18B20 Temperature Probe (over 1-Wire).

For the application, you will need

  • Hawk
  • RS-1 card
  • GA Weather Station (3rd party sensor - not sold by Digital Matter)
  • DS18B20 Temp Probe (3rd party sensor - not sold by Digital Matter).

For information on wiring and other relevant information, see


Set the RS485 and 1 Wire actions to read from the GA weather station and 1-wire temp sensor when these actions are run.

The Temperature will be reported in Analog 7, and the Weather Station Data in Analogues 12 to 18.

Configure a task to record the data every minute, and upload a batch of 10 data logs every 10 minutes. GPS is Disabled

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