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Speed Monitoring [G120]

The G120 has an onboard speeding parameter which allows a maximum speed Threshold (km/h) to be stored on the device. If the Threshold speed is set, the device will sound a buzzer output when the GPS speed exceeds the Threshold. The buzzer will remain active until the GPS speed drops by the Delta (km/h) value below the Threshold. 


  • This has no effect on logging. 
  • Speed violation notifications should still be setup on the software platform. This is designed to control driver speed with buzzer feedback. 
  • When parameters are set to buzz, such as buzzing on over speed and buzz on no driver ID - the firmware tells the following outputs to buzz
    • The internal buzzer in the RFID driver ID reader if connected. If you are already using the RFID reader, there is no need to wire any additional buzzers!
    • Any outputs set to 'buzzer'

Example: If the customer wants a buzzer to sound when 100 km/h is breached and to turn off when the speed drops 5 km/h under this threshold once breached. Your settings would be the following:

  • Threshold = 100km/h
  • Delta = 5km/h
  • Digital Output 1 Function Buzzer (if RFID reader isn't in use)

Speed Alerts in Telematics Guru

The speed is reported with each log and can be alerted on in TG. We can use the Alert Wizard option to setup the Speed alert. This is done from Admin -> Alerts -> New Alert Wizard ->Speeding (Once Per Trip), and set the desired speed limit.

TG has a huge selection of reports and ways to report on speed, see Speed Monitoring in Telematics Guru.

Note: Speed alerts on Third Party platforms can use the speed reported in FID = 0 to alert on overspeed.

Log based on Speed Change

You can set the Speed Change parameter under the Logging parameter tab to record additional logs in trip if the speed changes. This change is since the previous log. 

Buzz When Speeding Inside Geofence

Geofence downloads can be used to trigger a buzzer when speeding inside a geofence. See Geofence Downloads Example: Buzz when over 40km/h inside geofence

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