TG App - Managing Trips and Logbooking

The Telematics Guru app allows for a convenient way for business and drivers to keep electronic log books. A user can be set up so that in the app, they will be able to see a list of their trips. "Their" trips are any trips where they were the driver. Using the app is quite simple and self explanatory (or so we hope!) - along with the setup. However there are some key points to consider in order to be able to customise what each user account sees, and what they have access to. 


See the below video for a walk-through on the process. 

Logbooking - Setup

Link a driver to a User. 

For a user to be able to view the "My Trips" tab - their account must be linked to a driver. This can be done on the user account

Or from the driver list. 

User Permissions

To just give them access to the app to set trips to business or private, only give the user the Driver Trip History View permission, and nothing else. 

Organisation Setup

The organisation must have the Business/Private functionality to allow for this - this should be set as default. 

Setting Projects and Trip Types

For other use cases, we can also assign a project and trip type to a trip. This requires a few more pieces of setup. 

  1. The organisation must have these options selected under functionality (Business Private Trips, Projects, Trip Types)
  2. We must create some projects and trip types
  3. The user doing the assignment must have Project View and Trip Type View Permissions

Managers Viewing and Editing Trips

The History Edit permission will allow a user to edit all trips for assets they have access to. This can be done via the app or website. 

For the app, click the 3 dots next to an asset to view all trips for this asset.
For the website, the Manage Trips view can be used. 

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