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Exporting Telematics Guru Data

Some users may wish to make use of device data stored in Telematics Guru in other systems. Telematics Guru offers some limited data export functionality. If data is required in another system on a regular basis, these options should be used instead:

  1. Multi-Connector: Send the data to TG + another platform simultaneously.
  2. Alert Notifications through WebHooks (Beta) - on an event (e.g. trip end) - send some pieces of information via HTTP POST to another platform - like current odo, trip distance, current position etc. 

TG Data Export Reports

The following reports for exporting data are currently available, found in the Data Exports group of reports

# Assets 
Date Range
Basic Device Data ExportMax 7 DaysSimplified telemetry view
- Datetime
- Lat/Long
- Ignition Status
- Speed
- Driver ID Data, Project, Trip Type
Device Data Export1Max 10 DaysProvides an export of the telemetry seen in Assets -> Telemetry
Device Data IO Telemetry Export
1Max 5000 recordsExports up to 5000 records
Date time, log reason + all I/Os set up against the asset under I/O Mappings
Device Data Telemetry Export11 day
Exports the raw data seen in Assets -> Telemetry for a single asset on a single day

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