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Custom Map Overlays in TG

Telematics Guru can support Custom Map Overlays. 

Map overlays will be displayed on the following views:

  • TG Web
    • Live View
    • Trip History Map View
    • Asset Daily Coverage Map
  • TG App (iOS only)
    • Live View
    • Overlays are disabled by default on iOS, and must be enabled on the Settings page within the app

Often users such as mine sites wish to be able to overlay aerial images, or more up to date maps onto a tracking platform.

Aerial images make locating devices and seeing the actual position relative to site features simple. 

Often in newer areas the Google Maps view will not update quickly enough for requirements so the option to overlay images is a key feature. 

In order to use this feature, the Map Overlays functionality must be enabled for your organisation. 

Config Overview

Tiled Map Format

In order to set up map overlays in Telematics Guru, you must first create your map files in Tiled Map Format, and host the tiles in a publicly accessible webserver. 

To create the tiles you can use services such as Maptiler, QGIS or ArcGIS

Tiles are essentially the overlay image at various zoom levels - so when you zoom in/out of the map the overlay will scale accordingly and display correctly.


Host your files somewhere such as Amazon S3 Storage

The folder the files are stored in must be publicly accessible -  to test this, open the URL in an incognito/private browsing window. If you cannot see the tile files - it is not publicly accessible and cannot be used. 

Telematics Guru will pull the Tile Files from the server you have configured and overlay them on the map.

Set Up

To set up a map overlay, 

  1. Go to Admin -> Map Overlay
    (the user account will need the Map Overlays permission - contact DM if you cannot access map overlays)
  2. Click Create in the top left
  3. These options are presented
    1. Name
    2. URL
    3. Extension
    4. Default Opacity
    5. Minimum Zoom
    6. Maximum Zoom
    7. North Boundary
    8. South Boundary
    9. East Boundary 
    10. West Boundary
    11. Hidden by Default

Mouse over the tool tip near each option for more information.

Overlays are added to each organisation. If you need the same overlay on multiple orgs, you will need to create it multiple times. 

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