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How many SDI-12 probes does the Eagle support?

The Eagle can support multiple SDI-12 probes, using the same port. We can currently support 5. 

Can the Eagle support both Batteries and External power at the same time?

As with the Falcon, the Eagle also has a jumper which selects either Battery only, or external power and battery.

Is the External Voltage reported as well as the Battery voltage?

Yes and No.

The eagle is designed to report the higher voltage of whichever source is being used. for example, if the external power is higher than the battery power, the loaded voltage (A5) will report the External power level.

Analogue 1 reports the higher power reading as well, but this is sampled at less frequency than Analogue 5.

To determine whether External power is present, the system parameter 'Digital Input - Input power present' can be set to a Digital Input.

To enable this to log correctly, you'll also need to disable the 'Digital Input 2' system parameter tab as below

Is there an option for an external antenna?

The Eagle uses an internal sticker antenna with a UFL connector, which is attached to the inside of the housing and the UFL connected to the PCB. 

If an external antenna is desired, the user can drill a hole in the housing, install a UFL to SMA pigtail, and then connect an external antenna. 

How is the pulse count value held?

The pulse count on each digital input is held as a pulse total which loops through the maximum allowable number and then re-zeros and starts counting again 

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