The Dart, G62 and G100 devices support on device Driver List checking. The Driver List is stored in flash. When a Driver ID is presented to the device, the device can check for the driver in the list, and take action.

Telematics Guru

Driver Lists only work with Telematics Guru currently:

  1. Create Drivers under Admin->Drivers.
  2. Add Drivers to Assets: Manage Assets->Edit Asset. Got to the Drivers Tab. Enable Driver Management. Either allow all drivers, or specify which drivers are enabled. Click save.
  3. Every 15 minutes, the lists are pushed to the OEM Server for assets with changes to their list.
  4. The next time the device connects, it will download the list.

There is also a Driver List layout setting on the organisation. Generally the short layout can be used.

OEM Settings

In the Device System Parameters, ensure:

  1. That the "Test Against List" option is ticked under the Driver ID tab.

DeviceĀ behavior

If the device is set to "Test Against List", there are 3 common behaviors:

  1. Driver ID is found in list and accepted. 2 accept beeps. Immobiliser may be deactivated if setup. Driver ID is recorded and report to the platform.
  2. Driver ID is not found in list. 1 long reject beep. Immobiliser is not deactivated. Driver ID is not recorded.
  3. Driver ID is found in list BUT marked not allowed to drive. 3 long reject beeps. Immobiliser is not deactivated. Driver ID is not recorded.


  1. How many Drivers does the device support? This depends on the list layout, as set in TG:
    Layout 1 - short
    Layout 2 - long
    Layout 3 - short with name
    16 000 records
    3 200 drivers
    4 000 drivers
    16 000 drivers
    3 200 drivers
    4 000 drivers
    4 000 records
    800 drivers
    1 000 drivers