A Guide to SIM Cards, ICCIDs and Reports

A SIM card is uniquely identified by its ICCID (serial number). SIM management systems (eg Jasper) will allow you to search for a SIM using this. the ICCID differs to the contactable number of the SIM card, which is a MSISDN. Which is not visible in our systems. The MSISDN is the number you would send an SMS to if that is required.

There are three places to find the ICCID in our systems

OEM Server Details tab:

Click on the 'Details' link for the device:

On the details page the SIM ICCID is shown:

OEM Server - CSV Export

Simply select the devices you wish to export and click the 'CSV Export' button and the details will be downloaded into a .csv file, opening in excel spreadsheets.

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Assets Details

You can find the SIM ICCID on the 'Advanced' tab of the Asset edit menu. Assets >> Manage Asset >> Edit Asset

Asset List Report

The ICCIDs are also a part of the Asset List report in reports > Fleet Reports > Asset List

To make the ICCID appear on the report, you'll need to customise the columns under 'Advanced Options' and selecting the ICCID in the column view. While the MSISDN appears in the columns, it does not come out into the report yet.

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