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Teltonika Device Setup

  • Codes 8, 8E and 16 are supported, check with Teltonika which code your specific device uses
  • Not all device types are tested. Test thoroughly before committing to a large deployment. The below device types have been reported working by our partners:
    • FM1120
    • FMC130
    • FMC125
    • FMB920

In order to use a Teltonika device with Telematics Guru the following settings have to be adhered to.

  1. Record order has to be "oldest first".
  2. All records need to be set to "Low" priority. High priority records are ignored to avoid sequence number corruption.
  3. Data protocol should be TCP/IP. Not UDP.
  4. See the table below for URL and port details.

Ignition and trips are triggered on Input 1.

The following optional analogue values can be mapped.

Teltonika DescriptionTelematics Guru Analog #
Analog 11 *
Battery Voltage2
External Voltage3 *
Dallas Temperature 14
GSM Signal Strength5 *
LVCAN Accelerator Pedal Percentage6
LVCAN Fuel Level7
LVCAN Fuel Level Percentage9
Dallas Temperature 210
LVC Engine Load Percentage11
LVC Engine Temperature12
83 - Fuel Consumed

(Note: * Mapped by Default)


Teltonika Input NameBit #
Input 11 *
Input 22 *
Input 33 *
Authorized Driving5
Movement Sensor25
GPS Power26 *
Deep Sleep27 *

(Note: * Mapped by Default)


Teltonika Output NameBit #
Output 10
Output 21

URL and Port details

Devices should send their data to this location:


The device region in the URL is important to target the correct regional instance of Telematics Guru. Refer to this article for an explanation of the regions and the device specific URLs. A short summary is:

Device URL
Global (old)

Based on which regional server your partner account is hosted you will need to use the related URL.

Avoid using the IP address if possible.

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