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Scheduled Immobilization - G70

Immobilization can be scheduled on the G70.

This facilitates applications such as setting a pump to turn on at midnight during work hours - so the user can get some sleep!

Scheduled Immobilization (FW v1.13+) will allow the user to schedule when the immobilization command is delivered to the device. The scheduled immobilization is only a feature for the mobile app. 

The scheduled immobilization is available in the Telematics Guru Mobile Application in the Live View menu option where the current immobilization button is. When selecting immobilization on a device it will open a sub-menu to select between “Immobilize now” or “Immobilize later” (i.e. Scheduled Immobilization). If immobilize later is selected, the below set of durations will be offered to the user until the start of the immobilization:

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 1 day
  • 2 days

The completion of the prompts will trigger the async message generation. Note that the target device needs to be online to receive the scheduled immobilization start time and duration. The scheduled time is from when the command is sent, not when the command is received. 

If multiple async messages are sent to a device, only the most recent message will be considered, and the remainder will be discarded. 

Remote Switching Latency

It is important to note that all of our devices (even hard-wired vehicle trackers) will sleep during periods of inactivity. For example, the G70 default tracking parameters are for the device to heartbeat hourly when the ignition is off and the asset is stationary. Between heartbeats, the device will sleep and the cellular modem will be off. 

This means that a command sent down to the device will not be received until the next heartbeat, when the device next connects. 

If we require low latency output switching, to improve upon this, we can set this parameter under the upload settings, available on hard-wired devices. 

This will cause the device to attempt to remain connected to the network all the time. In practice, generally the network will kill the connection after 5-10 minutes. So the device additionally needs to be set to upload often enough to keep the connection alive. This can be done by setting the heartbeat interval to a sufficiently short window (may require some experimenting) 

This will allow commands to toggle outputs to be received by the device within 60 seconds in most cases. It should be noted that this functionality was not designed with live control applications in mind. 

Sending Immobilization Command From The TG App:

Set up parameters for immobilization in Device Manager 

Immobilization Install - Asset can be immobilized from server [G70]

Set up device in Telematics Guru for Immobilization

We need to enable immobilization for the asset in TG

  • Edit the asset - Assets → Manage Assets
  • Select the Advanced tab in Edit Asset and check 'Can immobilize Asset' as shown below.

Enable the scheduled immobilization via the mobile app

  1. Select the device to immobilize
  2. Select "..." to open the settings
  3. Press Immobilization
  4. Options for "Activate Immobilizer" and "Scheduled Immobilizer will appear - select "Scheduled Immobilizer"
  5. Choose your desired time, select ok, and then yes to confirm

Check user permissions!

In order to see and use the 'immobilize' buttons on the app or website, your user account must have the Asset Manage permission. Remove this permission to take away a user's ability to immobilize an asset.

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