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Route Deviation

Route deviation allows you to determine whether an asset has followed a predetermined route. In TG, you can define a route on the map, which is converted to a Geo-fence that covers the area of the route.

Creating a Geo-Fence Around a Route

You will need to have the Geo-fence Manage permission to access this functionality.

  • In order to create a Geo-fence around a route, you would need to physically travel the route. 
  • Once the trip appears in trip history, right-click on the map and select Create Geo-Fence from Trip.
  • Select the width of the Geo-fence.
  • The Create Geo-fence window will open with the route highlighted in blue. Give the geo-fence/route a name and click on Save.

Setting Up an Alert

Once the geo-fence is created, an alert can be setup to notify you when an asset leaves the geo-fence/deviates from the route. On the top menu bar, click on Admin -> Alerts and then select "New Alert Wizard" and you'll see this alert wizard screen.

  1. Select Geo-Fence Alert from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Geo-Fence name under the left box and choose to send the alert when an asset leaves the Geo-Fence, click Next.
  3. Select the Asset(s) that the alert will apply to, click Next.
  4. Nominate the destination contact for the Alert.
  5. Name your Geo-Fence alert and click Save.

Asset Geo-fence Activity Report

The Telematics Guru platform has a pre-built asset geo-fence activity report, which shows you a history of when an asset exited the geo-fence/deviated from the route. This report is available in Reports under Fleet ReportsIf you are unable to see the report, contact the DM support team to have the report enabled for your organisation.

Running the Report

The Summary and Detail reports both have the below fields. The only difference is that the Summary report has an option to view Only Assets with Visits.

Once you have filled in the relevant fields, you have the option of previewing or downloading the report. Below is an example of what the report displays when previewed.

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