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How do I install the device?
Do I need to install in-line fuses?
No, the device has internal protections including a self-resetting thermal fuse. The G62 is load-dump and short circuit protected and tested - so that it can withstand the harsh electrical environments of vehicle installations. 
Does the G62 do Driver ID?
Yes, however it only has a 1-wire interface (no TTL or Wiegand Options like the Dart2 or G120) - but there are still an extensive selection of DM and 3rd party readers available that use this interface, meaning a wide variety of card types can be read. See - Driver ID Reader Options
Can I set up the G62 to be able to remotely immobilise the vehicle, or only start when there is a valid Driver ID?
Can I get an alert when the unit is unplugged or tampered with?
By default, the G62 will send an upload with the log reason "External Power Removed" if it is unplugged. The internal Li-Po back up battery will mean that it will keep operating for a while (How long will my back-up battery last?) after this happens. An alert needs to be set up on the end software platform to notify users. For TG see Getting Started - Alerts
Can I get harsh cornering, rollover and speeding alerts?
Yes, see Harsh Event Setup and Accident Detection and Reconstruction
For speeding alerts, the device will report it's speed, and then the end platform can alert on this.
How accurate is the speed reporting?
We use high quality components and make use of GPS Aiding Data to ensure the best performance. Typically, speed is accurate to within +/- 2km/h. But GPS isn't perfect or 100% error free, it can in rare instances be wrong, see here: GPS Settings and GPS Accuracy.

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