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Utilisation report

The Asset Utilisation is designed to classify assets as 'Utilised' if they have the following conditions:

  • Time spent IN TRIP
  • OUTSIDE a specific GEOFENCE
  • BY selected assets
  • WITHIN a declared time period. 

This is useful for fleet management and tracking depot usage, or time spent outside a particular area.
The report is available in a Detailed and summary view, and for the time periods of a week or a single day.

Snapshot of Report Below:

For the constraints of all assets, for trips outside of geofence 'Subiaco' between 07:00 and 15:00 on Monday the 6th of July, the report generates the below data, consisting of two sections.


Trip Count
Number of trips for the Day
Time in Geofence
Total time spent inside selected Geofence
Time ex Geofence
Trip time spent outside selected Geofence
% time ex Geofence
percentage of trip time spent outside selected Geofence
Distance (km)
Total distance travelled
First trip start time
Asset started moving at this time
Last trip end time
Asset stopped moving for the day at this time

The other half of the Utilisation report consists of an hourly breakdown for the time period declared.

Here you can see when a specific asset was in trip outside the declared geofence and the breakdown of those statistics.

For example;

The asset Toyota Hilux was in trip during the hours periods of 8 and 9am, 10 and 11am, 12pm and 1pm and 2pm and 4pm. thus totalling usage of 45% usage during the time period of 7am to 5pm.
Overall, the Assets were in trip for only just over 10% of the time period.

Weekly Utilisation Report

Similar to the daily utilisation report, the weekly variant highlights the days of individual assets were in trip outside the selected geofence and calculates the usage statistics.

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