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Eagle - Wiring up a DM Temperature Sensor

The DM temperature probes use the following wiring colours:

  • Red = Positive - connect to 3.3V
  • Brown = Clock - connect to SCL
  • Orange = Data - connect to SDA
  • Black = Ground - connect to GND

The Eagle can support two channels of the DM temperature probe.

For channel one, pair the green wire with the black (ground) (pictured above)

If you're wiring two probes in, add the second probe's green wire into the 3.3V Out pin with the red wires. It should look like the picture below.

be careful to terminate the Yellow, unused wire in a fashion that ensure it won't touch the PCB or components.

You can find more information on wiring a DM Temperature sensor here, as it is the same as for other DM devices.

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