3rd Party Bluetooth® Tag Support

In general, it is possible for us to integrate tags that 'beacon'. Integration effort (cost) is relatively low.

Beaconing refers to the fact that the tag will simply periodically broadcast a frame containing information such as it's ID and whatever relevant data it reports.

It is also possible for us to support connecting to other Bluetooth® devices, but this kind of integration is more complex and hasn't yet been put in place. 

Why would I need 3rd Party Tags?

There are hundreds of different 3rd party Bluetooth® tags on the market. 

Digital Matter tags offer excellent battery life (4-5 years!) and are enclosed in an IP67 rated housing. They are built to the quality many come to expect from our devices.

However there are many use cases where 3rd party tags are an attractive option such as:

  • A particular form factor is required
  • A certain sensor is available e.g. Tyre pressure, fuel level, temperature, gas etc.

We have an ‘open ecosystem’ and 3rd party tags can readily be used.

Tags send their data in various formats and these formats have already been ‘completely’ integrated. The device will read these tags, add them to the tag list and send the data to Telematics Guru. 

TG recognises them as a tag type so they can be used in Telematics Guru.

What Tag formats can DM Bluetooth® Gateway devices read?

These formats are currently integrated, which will cover a lot of tags. 

  1. Digital Matter Tags (Guppy Bluetooth®, SensorNode Bluetooth®)
  2. Apple iBeacon
  3. Eddystone
  4. Ingics iBS01 (Basic tag)
  5. Ingics iBS01T (Temperature / Humidity)

Integrating Third Party Tags?

We have also released new firmware that allows ANY tag to be tested, to see how it performs. The data will be reported into the OEM debug logs. It is not displayed in the cleanest format but it enables the user to check out how tags will perform. See Integrating Tags

If you have a specific tag that you would like to use with our devices – check the format it is using against the list above, it may already be integrated. If not:

  • Do a bit of testing via the “Integrating Tags” method, to see the tag is at least being picked up OK.
  • Once ok – speak to DM about integration
  • If this is working we can create new system parameters which identify this tag type. Data for this tag will be sent in the Generic Tag Data, in fields 29 or 30 (check Data Fields integration document)
  • If you are using your own tracking platform, no further integration work is required as now the tags can be identified in the end software.
  • If you wish to use the tags in Telematics Guru, we will need to integrate these into the system and costs may arise.

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