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Common Concepts - Recovery mode

Digital Matter battery powered devices have a feature called 'Recovery Mode' which turn on an alternate set of tracking parameters to assist with asset recovery by increasing the uploads and logs of the asset.


Recovery mode has a severe impact on battery life. Remember to bring the device out of recovery mode as soon as possible.

How to enter recovery mode:

There are 3 different ways. Select the most convenient or most applicable:

  1. From Telematics Guru, go to Manage Assets. Use the settings cog on the right of your asset, and select "Enter Recovery Mode".
  2. From the Telematics Guru app, when viewing an asset, use the Recovery Mode icon, to switch in and out of recovery mode.
  3. From the OEM Server, select your device; go to Device Operations; Set Recovery Mode.

Once set, the device will receive the message on its next connection to the server. The devices will always initiates the connection to the server. It is not possible to initiate the connection from the server. This is because the device sleeps in a very low power state.

Recovery mode timeout:

On the latest version of firmware, you are able to set a recovery mode timeout, to ensure that you do not forget to disable it. See Telematics Guru - How Do I Activate Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode behaviour:

The behaviour in recovery mode is configurable to suit your needs.

Recovery mode uses Jostle Tracking to start and stop trips. That means it uses accelerometer movement to decide when in trip.

The device will attempt to stay connected to the server when in trip.

The following settings are configurable. The default settings are recommended:

  • GPS Fix Timeout: default of 10 minutes
  • Heartbeat Period: default of 30 minutes. This applies out of trip.
  • In Trip Logging Period: default of 30 seconds.
  • Trip End Time: default of 10 minutes

These settings can be changed in the system parameters on the OEM server. The default settings are shown below:

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