New to Telematics Guru is the ability to receive push notifications via the mobile app.

This eliminates the need for SMS message notifications and the associated costs.

It also enables tablets with a data connection to receive alerts, and in future will support more advanced features. 

To configure Push notifications for users, the process is as below. 

1. Organisation must have Push Notifications enabled

This should be the case by default. 

It can be controlled by editing the organisation, Admin -> Organisations -> Edit

2. Sending Alerts to Mobile Devices

This process is the same as regular alert creation, 

The user will appear in the notification list with the suffix (PUSH) after their name. 

Simply select this entry so that they can receive alerts. 

3. Managing Users and Devices

To appear in the notification list on an alert, the following must be in place. 

Much of this is handled by default once a user has logged into the app. 

1. The user must have logged into the app on the right server, and into the organisation for this alert. 

Once this is done, the mobile icon will appear next to their name in the address book (Admin -> Address Book)

A list of all devices the user has logged into the TG app on is shown against their user account, under the App tab. 

Admin -> Users -> Edit

Uncheck devices in this list to stop receiving push notifications on these devices. 

In the Address book (Admin -> Address Book) - you can disable push notifications entirely for an entry (rather than disabling all devices individually via the user entry)


  • If you suspect that the device is not receiving notifications, navigate to the settings page from the in-app menu which shows:
    • Whether the device is enabled to receive notifications
    • A trouble-shooter to reconfigure the device to receive notifications (in the event that the device failed to receive a previous notification(s))

What do notifications look like?

While the app is closed or in the background, normal system notifications will be displayed in the tray. Selecting the notification will launch/foreground the app and navigate to the asset live view.

While the app is in the foreground, a dialogue will appear with details of the alert and the option to navigate to the asset live view.

  • If the user is logged into a different server or organisation, they will be presented with dialogue to change to the correct server/org to view the asset.