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G120 Iridium Quick Start Guide

Below are the minimum steps needed to set up an G120 Iridium device.
For a complete, detailed guide of the G120 Iridium and how it works, see G120 Iridium Set Up and Operation

Required Components:

1. G120 (with SIM Card)

2. Iridium Edge Module (with Sat data plan active)

3. G120 Iridium Harness


1. Iridium Activation

The Iridium Edge Module must be activated with an Iridium data provider, similar to activating a SIM card. 

If your Iridium Data is provided by Digital Matter - send the Iridium IMEI of the Edge module to your local support team, along with the plan you wish to have it activated on - See HERE for notes on how to choose the right plan. 

If you are sourcing your own Iridium Data, in general you will need to provide the following information to your provider

  • Iridium IMEI of Edge Module
  • Data plan
  • IP and port to direct data. This will be dependant on your Telematics Guru server. The IP:port for each server is listed below. Iridium devices use port 6000 for all TG servers.
Generic URL
IP Address*

If you are using your own server, send the data to that IP:Port

2. Parameter Set Up. 

To simply have a device report over Iridium, the only parameter that needs to be enabled is the Global Iridium Parameter.

Set Enable Iridium = Yes under the Iridium Parameter Tab
(Click image to view in a larger size)

Alternatively a parameter template is available for all users to apply the same setting (note this will overwrite any other applied settings!)

3. Installation

The G120-Iridium Edge has a few separate sections in it's harness. As the below diagram, you can see the separate wires required to install the G120 into a vehicle properly.

  1. Connect G120 V_In (Pin 24 - RED) to 8-45V DC constant power
  2. Connect G120 GND (Pin 6 - BLACK) to Ground (chassis GND in a vehicle)
  3. Connect Iridium Edge to 9-32V DC power. This is the red wire coming out of the M12-8 connector. 
  4. Connect G120 IGN input (Pin 23 - WHITE) Vehicle ignition source
  5. Connect Iridium Edge M-12-8 plug to plug of same type on G120 harness. 
  6. Place Iridium edge module where it has a clear view of the sky. 

G120 Harness connector
Iridium Module Connector - M12-8

Installers should also consult this guide: Wired Device Installation Guide

4. Full Wiring Harness Diagram

Please see here for the full wiring diagram

5. TG Set Up

  1. Enable Iridium Functionality by editing the organisation. Admin > Organisations 

b. Enter the Iridium IMEI in the Advance Tab when creating the asset

6. TEST!!!

As discussed in the detailed Iridium guide - the G120 will only send data via Iridium while out of coverage. This can make testing the Iridium set up and connection difficult as devices are rarely installed in out of coverage locations. 

This can be replicated by doing the following steps. 

  1. Remove SIM card, or Deactivate the SIM in your SIM management portal - this will leave the device unable to join the cellular network, and attempt to fail over to Iridium
  2. Start the ignition in the vehicle - the device will attempt to upload via Iridium due to this, and on default settings every 10 minutes thereafter. Allow 5-10 minutes to receive a message in Telematics Guru.

It is worthwhile to also configure any Panic/Duress alerts prior to installation so that these can be tested over the Iridium connection as well. Simply push the duress button with the SIM disabled to test. 

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