How to Use The Installer Page

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Step 1)

Enter in the serial number on the device, taking care to ensure the numbers inputted are correct.

please note: The Installer page is not a live, auto-refreshing page, and any change in device status will only be reflected after the 'refresh' button is clicked.

Step 2)

When viewing the different values of the device on the installer page, please first check the last communication time that the information was valid for.

If the 'Last Commit' time is not 'Now' then the data is below this point is not current

Old Information Example:

For this device, assume that the device was connected on an technicians desk, then sent to the installer.

The auto-installer opens the page with the device installed and ignition on and enters the serial. This information displays and gives the installer the impression that everything is working, even though it could not be.

Be sure to hit refresh when you change states of the Device to check values such as Ignition wire, External power and Digital Inputs.

Process of Installer Checks

  1. Does Last Communication say 'Now'?
  2. Does Last Commit report 'Now'?
    1. Only move onto step 3 is both answers are yes.
  3. Is Battery Level OK?
  4. Is External Power at expected level? Most devices need at least 9V reliably
    1. if you have a 12V supply, should be 12V etc
  5. Can you achieve both Ignition On & Off by toggling wire?
  6. Do any Digital Inputs (DI 1 etc) need to be activated? Toggle the inputs and check what is displayed on the installer (on or off) matches what is physically happening.

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