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Getting Started - Inviting users

How to Set up a User in Telematics Guru

Navigate to Admin >> Users in Telematic Guru and select 'Invite User'

Enter in the intended user's email, keep the user template as 'Read only User' and select 'Invite'

In the July 2019 update release of Telematics Guru, the ability to copy user permissions from existing accounts to new accounts was enabled. Simply click invite User, and enter in the new email address as before, but then select the existing employee's user email to copy permissions and reports.

Select Edit user to start editing the user permission and access.

Before you start editing permissions and report functionality, be sure to select the 'Enabled' Tick box on the first tab

 User Permissions

For an article of the different permissions available for users, please see the article here.


For an article of the different reports that are available for organisations to run, please see the Reports menu in Telematics Guru. Each report has a mouse over description available.


Asset Access

Under the Asset Access Tab, you can select to limit a user's asset view by either particular Assets, or by Project. You can assign assets to projects in Assets >> 'Manage Assets'.


Support Mapping

Users that are mapped as 'Support' can log into and see every sub-organisation within their own organisation. This is useful for resellers who provide troubleshooting and first line support to clients and customers.

Mapped Organisations

This is simply a list of which organisations the user has access to.


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