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SensorData LoRaWAN® Firmware Release Notes


- Added 1.0.2rB version of region US915

- Changes to test mode for LCTT compatibility

- Fixed empty uplink on port 8 at startup

- Added AS923-2/3 from final RP002-1.0.1

- Updated serial port commands for volume production

- Fixed spurious reset indications in ABP 1.0 FCnt reset support,

  which could cause loss of downlink connectivity until the next rejoin


- Added downlink for MLX90614

- Added downlink for digital input alert queuing

- Added downlinks for 3.3V output switching on schedules

- Fixed dead-time in digital input sensing during transmissions

- Made digital input counters non-volatile

- Ensured zero-second power on delays will always produce at least a short pulse of power

- Ensured power switching will not occur for schedules cancelled due to congestion


 - Added MLX90614 non contact temperature sensor support (I2C)

 - Added MB7040 ultrasonic range sensor support (I2C)

 - Added digital input alert queuing

 - Added 3.3v/Vout output switching on schedules

 - [LoRaWAN] Handle RxDelay 0 in JoinAccept


- Full LoRaWAN 1.03 support

- Provisional LoRaWAN 1.1 support

- Fixed possible spurious transmissions at end of battery life


 - Removed analog in and SDI12 power on delay limits (now up to 255 seconds).


 - Allow for detection of shorter pulses on digital inputs.


 - SDI12 comms more tolerant to out of spec sensors. 


 - Downlink support added.


 - ABP support added.

 - Digital input bug fix.


 - Added SDI12 INT12 data conversion type.

 - Digital input bug fix.


 - Parameter bug fixes.


 - Short button press  (less than 5 seconds) will now run schedule one (if it is valid). Red LED will flash to indicate operation.

 - Reset message (firmware version) will now not be sent on stack freshen.

 - SDI12 fixes.

v1.1 - 1.3

 - Various bug fixes.


 - Initial release.

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