The SensorData LoRaWAN connects using Over The Air Activation (OTAA). When provisioning, the following are required:

DevEUI: Hard coded on devices. Can be read using the configuration app, or from a label printed on the device.

AppEUI: A 16 digit code.  Uses either the default value (70-B3-D5-70-50-00-00-02 for all SensorData LoRaWANs), or the value programmed using the configuration app.

AppKey: A 32 digit code used to authenticate the device on the network. Either the hard coded (random) default value can be used (read using the configuration app), or a user/server defined value can be programmed using the configuration app.

Region: LoRaWAN region. 

Channel Mask: Only required in the US and ANZ regions. Used to set the network frequencies. Using an incorrect channel mask will cause unreliable data transmission.

Rejoin Period: This period, in days, is the time between a forced device reset, which will cause a rejoin to the network. A suggested value for this is 2 weeks (14 days), but specific network guidelines should be followed (some networks prefer a join not more than once every 21 days).

Depending on the chosen network server, the AppEUI and AppKey may be generated by the server, or are required to be read from the device.