Remora Firmware Release Notes

As new versions of firmware are released, the release notes will be updated below.


- Fixed low voltage behaviour for older devices


- Added an AutoAPN entry.


- Improved low battery voltage behaviour

- Completed third party server support
- Added geofence functionality

- Updates to gsm

- Added SMS support for resetting the external server (#*,DSERVER)

- External server support
- Encryption support
- High-G event support
- More flexible tamper detect settings (can now disable to save power)


 - Fix for EMU_110 errata, which caused occasional reboots during wake up on a very small number of devices.

- When GSM debugging set to INFO, and MultiAPN specified, log network MCC MNC in RSSI message.
- When Control debugging set to INFO, log time to successful network registration.
- If GPS wander suppression is active, and device has not moved, previous fix is logged with an updated time.
- Expose recovery mode parameters.

- To aid production testing, version info is sent out the debug serial port on startup: Product ID, Hardware Revision, Firmware Major and Firmware Minor

- Parameterised upload timeouts/retry limits: time to network registration; complete session time; retry limit.
- Updated device stats message log reason.
- New AutoAPN entries.
- Recovery mode timeout option.

- Fixed wakeup loop if HES board fitted and batteries inserted outside of GPS and GSM coverage
- Disabled SIM detection switch, for robustness
- Added detection of clock and flash startup issues

- Updated Aeris AutoAPN entry
- Added new device stats message. Added max temperature and initial battery voltage stats.
- UE910 12.00.428 lower case 'at' handling

- Added new AutoAPN entries for US
- Updates to RTC BSP
- Unused LFRCO disabled in main firmware for a neglible power saving
- Power saving fix - idle core during accelerometer debounce
- Improved i2c error handling

- Changed GPS wander filter range and defaulted to off
- Fixed bug in jostle tracking mode. ~1mA battery drain in-trip if logging was increased from the default.
- Increased maximum accelerometer threshold from 3x63mG to 8x63mG, improved error resilience

- Fixed heartbeat timing bug that could extend the heartbeat period by up to 100%
- Sped up changes to and from AutoAPN
- Added RTC polls to the accelerometer wake count in gps tracking mode
- Updated to EFM32 pack 1.4

- Added distance filtering to Upload On Jostle
- Removed Upload On Jostle support from Periodic Only tracking mode
- Added accelerometer wakeup trace for debugging

- Reduced software jostle sensitivity, linked to hardware sensitivity parameters and exposed
- AutoAPN validation fix
- Fixed corner case in GPS tracking that may have defeated fix timeout in rare circumstances

- LED feedback on tamper transition

- Tamper detect support

- Sim pin change support
- Improve recovery mode filtering
- Better battery stats
- Leap year fix

- GSM robustness update (pdp sustain, increased socket timeout)
- Leap year hotfix

- Fixed double log in accel based modes
- Improved recovery mode heartbeat accuracy
- Added recovery mode voltage filtering
- Added recovery mode logreasons
- Added GPS freshen parameter
- Added 3GN3G and 3GNAD targets (untested)

- Power optimised recovery mode
- Better handling of lost GPS signal in jostle based trips

- Revised jostle tracking parameters

- GSM robustness improvements
- Alternate aiding data servers, more error handling
- Accel parameter validation
- More LED feedback on first boot
- Relaxed minimum hold on battery level to allow increase for 20%+ discrepancy
- Added jostle upload support for periodic-only mode
- Added jostle based tracking mode

- Accelerometer verification, increased bandwidth
- Jostle diagnostics
- Multiple firmware download fix
- 4G support
- Battery indicator fixes

- Trip trimming fix

- Hotfix release, 1.14 with trip trimming disabled

- Trip trimming support
- Battery capacity reset logic
- Upload flag fixes
- Recovery mode
- Additional diagnostics
- GSM bugfixes, modem muxing tweak
- AutoAPN
- Stack checker
- GPS freshen
- Upload on jostle
- Parameters
- Diagnostics in analogs

- First release

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