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Hawk - Control Output from Server

The Hawk has various digital outputs available, based upon which plug in I/O card is used.

See Hawk Baseboard + Plug in Cards - Wiring+Pin Out

  1. Ag-Tech1
    1. 3V3 Output
    2. VBoost (5V or 12V - set in parameters)
    3. Switched Ground
  2. RS-1
    1. 3V3 Output
    2. VBoost (5V or 12V - set in parameters)
    3. Switched Ground

All 3 outputs can be controlled from the server. However the Hawk also has the ability to configure a variety of on-board control options - such as turning on an output based on a certain sensor reading - i.e. turn on a pump if tank level is too low. 

The output active levels are configured on the Plug In Card parameter tabs


Contact Support who can provide you with an OEM WebAPI doc, which details messages which can be sent to OEM Server and actioned on devices. Messages will be received and actioned by devices the next time they connect in.

To control outputs, message 0x004 - Set Digital Output is used. Users must authenticate with their OEM username and password. 


Data structure for to set digital outputs.

OffsetLengthData TypeDescription
02UINT16Logical level
b0 – output 0 logical level: On = 1; Off = 0
b1 – output 1 logical level: On = 1; Off = 0
b2 – etc.
22UINT16Change mask
b0 – set output 0 according to logical level
b1 – set output 1 according to logical level

JSON Example


This results in:
Change mask of 0xFF - i.e. set all outputs according to the logical level.
Output 1 and 2 (0110 = 6) are turned on, all others turned off.

Monitoring Output State

We can see if the change to the output has been made by checking the state of outputs in the Digital Data field (FID=2)

Additionally if we configure the Input Monitor to log when the output changes, we will see log reason 10 - Digital Output Changed when the output changes. 


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