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Hawk - Battery Life Estimates

When assessing if the Hawk is fit for purpose for a particular application - a battery life estimate is invaluable. 

However it can be hard to make accurate predictions given the vast array of configurations and sensors which can be fitted to the Hawk. Different sensors will have different power draws, warm up times and sampling times which make estimations difficult. 

However we can make some rough estimates:

  • The Hawk uses a 3500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery. 
  • LiPo batteries have a 1-5% self discharge rate per month - given this, the battery will self discharge (even when the Hawk is not in use) - over 20 months in the worst case (5% self discharge rate). This puts an upper limit on battery life

Approximate Upload Energy Usage

Cost per upload connection4.86E-05Ah
Cost per record upload4.40E-06Ah

The above shows the approximate energy per successful upload in good signal (i.e. no connection retries/timeouts etc)


  • Device with 1 x I²C sensor, which draws 30mA for 2 seconds when taking a reading
  • Sampling sensor every 10 min, upload hourly

30mA for 2 sec = 1.66E-05 Ah

Monthly Sensor Draw (Ah)

30 days * 24hrs * 6 readings per hr * 1.66E-05 

=  0.072 Ah

Monthly Upload Cost

30 days * 24hrs * (4.85 * 10E-05 + 6 * 4.40E-06)

= 0.0539 Ah

Self Discharge 2.5% per mth

= 0.0875 Ah/month

Months life = 3.5 / (0.0875+0.0539+0.072) = ~16 months

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