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G70 - On Device ODO/Run Hours

The G70 has the capability to accumulate run hours and odometer readings. The device works out these values and sends accumulated values to the server.

Many platforms calculate this server-side based on device data, so it is not always necessary to configure this feature in order to track run hours or asset odometer readings. 

In order to use this feature, it must first be enabled on OEM. The following settings are available (under Parameters > System Parameters > + Add Advanced Parameters)

Log Odometer and Run Hours
If enabled, the device will include the current odometer and run hour estimates in the end of trip device log.
Log Trip Distances and Lengths
If enabled, the device will include the distance travelled and time elapsed during the trip in the end of trip device log.
Always Log Device Odometer and Run Hour Readings
If enabled the current odo and run hour estimates will be sent with every log
Always Log Trip Distances and Lengths
If enabled the trip distance and time elapsed estimates will be sent with every log during a trip

How are these Readings Calculated?

The odometer values are not read from the vehicle, instead they must initially be set by either an async message or an SMS. The device then uses second by second GPS positions and speeds to estimate the distance travelled and increment the odometer reading, allowing for an approximation of the vehicle's on-board odometer.

Time and Distance readings are accumulated while the device is in trip. There are multiple methods for trip detection, see G70- Overview of Operation

  1. Ignition (white wire connected to ignition source)
  2. GPS movement based trips
  3. Run detect (external voltage changes)

By default, 1 and 2 are defaulted. This means by default if the asset is towed the readings will be incremented. To avoid this set the Digital Input to None under movement trips (instead of Emulated Ignition)

The device run hours value can be set using either an async message (command from server) or SMS. This value is then incremented during ignition based trips. 

Setting Initial Values

Setting the Odometer Via SMS

The following SMS Command can be used

The Digital Matter SMS App provides an alternative to using a mobile phone, and facilitates setting the ODO for many devices in bulk. 

The commands are:


E.g. #*,RHOURS,5200  To set 5200 hours of run-time

Setting the Odometer Via ASYNC Message

The device's odometer reading can be set via an asynchronous message sent from the server. Consult the DM WebAPI integration document for details.

What if my device resets?

The run hour and odometer values are stored in non-volatile memory. This means that if the device loses power, or otherwise resets, they are preserved - meaning the values won't become inaccurate if the device ever resets.

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