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Default Tracking Parameters - [Yabby3]

By default, the Yabby3 is setup for GPS-based movement tracking. The following default settings apply:

Update Rate:

  • Out of Trip (stationary): 12 hour heartbeats. This is a GPS point and an upload every 12 hours.
  • In Trip (on the move):
    • Upload on trip start.
    • GPS points every 2 minutes
    • Upload every 30 minutes
    • End a trip after 5 minutes of no movement (or losing GPS)
    • Upload on trip end.

Trip Detection

The Yabby3 detects trips based on GPS Movement. 


  • The device waits in a low power sleep state for accelerometer activity.
  • Once woken by accelerometer movement, it checks the GPS for movement periodically
  • If the device is being repeatedly woken up by accelerometer movement, but there is no GPS movement, it wakes up on a timer every few minutes instead (to save battery)
  • If the GPS shows movement over the start threshold (250m by default), a trip is started.
    • Once in trip, the accelerometer is turned off
    • It wakes up every few minutes and gets a fix
    • It checks the trip is still in progress by looking at the fix
    • When the fixes suggest movement has stopped, it ends the trip
    • If GPS signal is lost for some time the trip ends also

These settings and many more are configurable in the OEM Admin Interface. 

The defaults provide a good starting point but it is important to monitor and tweak your settings to ensure the battery life is acceptable. Contact support if you require assistance. 

Change the Tracking Mode

These parameters can be changed, as the Yabby3 has various configurable tracking modes in order to best fit the use case. 


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