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Sending Test Data - [Oyster3]

Often when provisioning devices, or when developing a Third-Party platform, it is useful to be able to get the device to upload more frequently, so that data can be received. We can adjust parameters to make this occur. 

1. Shorten the Heartbeat

You can shorten the heartbeat to 10 minutes to receive data more frequently when the device is stationary.
With these settings the device will send data every 10 min.

2. Enable Jostle Mode

By default, the Oyster3 starts/ends trips based on GPS movement. We can change it to Jostle Mode so that it relies on the accelerometer to start a trip. Then we can trigger a trip start and upload by shaking the device. See Jostle Mode Tracking for more information.

3. Remove and Insert Batteries

Removing the batteries, waiting around 20-30 seconds for all the capacitors to discharge, then reinserting them will force the Oyster3 to do a hard reset and force a GPS fix and upload. 

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