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WNK8010 Pressure Sensor

The WNK8010-TT pressure sensor has been integrated for use with the Falcon. Specifically this sensor is integrated but others of this family should work as their I2C protocol is the same. 

To configure the Falcon to record readings from this sensor - the following parameter tab must be set up.

This tells us that the pressure value will be written to analogue 12, and the temperature to analogue 13 - this may be changed using the dropdown. 

The sensors come in various sizes and ranges - i.e 0-2000 or 0-4000. This is what the min/max values are used for. I.e if you are using the 0-4000 version, enter 0 for the min and 4000 for the max. 

Therefore, a change of 1 in the analogue corresponds to a change of 4000/65535 = 0.061036.

The units of the sensor can be found on the sensor datasheet - mH2O. 

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