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Falcon Cellular - Turn by Turn Tracking

Turn by Turn tracking allows the user to track an asset more accurately when in a trip. This new feature will log a record if the heading changes, the speed changes or based on the distance or time interval; whichever comes first. 

Please Note

Turn by Turn tracking is only supported on the new Falcon revision, i.e product version 74.3 / 74.4

Turn by Turn tracking needs to be enabled under the Advanced Tracking parameter tab under “Tracking mode”.

For those used to our other powered devices such as the Dart2, G62, G120 - this is the mode they operate in. 

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If Turn by Turn tracking is enabled, basic tracking and jostle based tracking settings do not apply to the device configuration, as well as periodic tracking. The device will, however, still use the “Movement Trips” setting to determine whether the device has started a trip.

Setting up Turn by Turn Tracking

Parameters are shown below to adjust the logging behavior of this mode.

Connecting the Falcon Cellular to External Power

Turn by Turn tracking can be power intensive, therefore we suggest connecting the Falcon Cellular to an external power source

You can also setup an external power removed alert. The Falcon measures External Power through its Coulomb counter by monitoring the decrease in voltage over time. This means that the external power alert will not be instant as it needs to measure that the voltage has changed and is decreasing gradually, signifying that battery power is being used.

It is, however, a good idea to setup an External Power Removed alert since it is not recommended that you run off your internal batteries for a long period of time if Turn by Turn tracking is enabled.

Power Saving Mode

The Falcon Cellular has a power saving mode when using the Turn-by-Turn tracking mode. 

The power saving mode allows the Falcon to switch to Periodic Mode when the external power is removed. Firmware version 2.18/3.18 or above is required. To configure, set Power Saving Mode = Yes. 

When external power is removed, the device will switch to periodic mode, and only heartbeat, as configured under the Basic Tracking parameter tab. 

If Jostle Tracking is set to YES, Jostle Tracking is used to improve detection and maintenance of low-speed trips. This feature requires firmware version 2.19/3.19 or above.

This feature is useful for preventing premature trip ends / delayed trip starts when wired ignition is not available. 

Monitoring Run Hours

Turn by Turn tracking can also be used to monitor run hours.

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