Eagle - Firmware Release Notes

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Versions below require BLE version 2.0 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Added wired sending mode
GPS aiding data fix
Pulse counting anlogues are now populated after a reset
Low battery voltage optimisations
Fixed issue with periodic ble scanning where the RSSI threshold was ignored once a tag was found
Added analogue mappings for BLE SensorNode RH sensor readings
Integrated GA Station
Integrated DS18B20 temperature sensor
Tasks now wait until all measurements are complete before logging, instead of logging for every task action
All outputs can now be controlled by the digital output async message
Added async message for triggering geofence downloads
Various optimisations
Added T9602 I2C Temperature/Humidity sensor support
Fixed 4-20mA input 2 bug
Added third party server version messaging support
Fixed issue that caused user integrated tag indentifiers to be cut short
Added third party geofence server support
Now sets the GPS valid flag when using default GPS position in periodic mode
Added Bluetooth stats
Compatibility hotfix for networks that don't support ePCO
Added MLX90640 I2C thermal camera support
Added MLX90614 I2C temperature sensor support
Added OEM server IP address whitelisting
Improved pulse counting functionality
Added geofence support
Added BLE fuel sensor support
Added backup Admin parameters
Added default latitude/longitude option for periodic mode
Added battery capacity estimates
Updated BLE scanning
Fixed GPS fix on heartbeat bug
Various small fixes

Versions below require BLE version 1.0

 Initial Release

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