------- Versions below require BLE version 2.0 and newer  -------  


- Fixed Wiegand driver list support

- Integrated Technoton Fuel Sensor

- Integrated SensorNode

- Integrated CUB Tyre Pressure Sensor

- Added Eddystone TLM tag type

- Added MAC address filtering for Bluetooth tags

- Added Bluetooth SensorNode tag logging

- Added option to use MAC address as identifier for iBeacons and Eddystone tags

- Added iBeacon and Eddystone filters

- Added Bluetooth active/passive scanning options

- Added Bluetooth long range support

- Bluetooth now behaves correctly in no comms geofences

- Added method for integrating tags via system parameters

- Extended maximum Bluetooth scan to 4 minutes 

------- Versions below require BLE version 1.1  -------  


 - Added Iridium support

 - Added Weigand driver ID support

 - Added Input Monitor

 - Modem reset asyng message support


 - First Production Firmware