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G120 Firmware Release Notes

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Versions below require BLE version 2.5 and newer for new features.

Added ability to set digital input if Iridium session fails
Improved run hour incrementation
Reduced risk of the 4G modem entering an unrecoverable fault state
Fixed switched power/ground outputs always being enabled when entering UVLO
Fixed BLE ELA RHT/T tag name max size
Added support for ELA T and RHT tag analogue mapping 
Added Galileo support

Versions below require BLE version 2.4 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Added support for the individual tag update logs which are generated in v2.4 of the BLE firmware

Versions below require BLE version 2.2 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Fixed issue where RFID reader did not wake device whilst sleeping when configured to keep peripherals powered.
Added duration parameter to Harsh Driving
Added an additional set of threshold parameters for Harsh Driving (Accel, Brake, Corner)
Fix for repeated "Modem turn off failed" issue
Fixed issue where geofences were disabled, if attempting to use more than 255
Fixed iButton support
Fixed issue where analogue input readings on heartbeats could be 6x too large when the input voltage was below 5V
Added option to change Driver Fatigue warning and fatigue period units from minutes to minutes x 5 (to support longer periods)
Added Digital Inputs for Driver Fatigue warning and fatigue alert
Added option to reset Driver Fatigue timers if Idle Monitor detects idling
Fixed issue where idleMonitor flags idling as soon as a trip starts
Added support for G120 4G variant
Flash version changes (2.15 should not be downgraded)
Fixed issue where device incorrectly logged new movement from jostles
Added cell tower fallback support when jamming is detected
Added support for latest PCB revision (load switch settle times)
Fixed Wiegand bug
Invalid driver debugEvent level set to Severe
Added option for driver ID to temporarily override server initiated immobilisation
Added option to map SensorNode digital inputs
Integrated UL212 fuel sensor
Added the option to disable the supression of GPS wander for heartbeats
The GPS fix timestamp is now updated for heartbeats
Odometer optimisations
GPS aiding data fix
Added Ble SensorNode ambient sensor analogue mappings
Added option to poll iButton
Integrated DZ300 cement drum sensor (rotation speed and direction sensor)
Added geofence download async message
Relaxed minimum heartbeat period
The Idle monitor can now monitor accelerometer movement in addition to GPS speed to determine the state (useful for heavy machinery, like excavators, which can be performing work on the spot)
Added third party server version messaging support
Fixed issue where user integrated tag identifier were being cut short
Added GPS satellite count and signal strength filter for higher position certainty
Compatibility added for networks that don't support ePCO
Geofence support for third party servers
Fixed bug that would cause incorrect wiegand readings when the device was asleep
Integrated DS-K1107 keypad
Added RS232 passthrough
Added driver fatigue
Added option to log odometer values for all logs
BLE periodic scan length can now be in minutes
Integrated Escort BLE fuel level sensor
Added server whitelisting
Increased maximum geofences inline with the G100

Versions below require BLE version 2.1 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Fixed digin 2 and 3 bug where digin 2 parameters were set to digin 3 parameters
Added admin parameter backup/fallback
Added ability to enable/disable tag lost logs when periodically scanning
Fix Driver ID reader bug
Fix bug where the Bluetooth scan period wasn't set to the "in-trip" period if the device reset while in trip

Versions below require BLE version 2.0 and newer for new features. Supports all 2.X

Fixed Wiegand driver list support
Integrated Technoton Fuel Sensor
Integrated SensorNode
Integrated CUB Tyre Pressure Sensor
Added Eddystone TLM tag type
Added MAC address filtering for Bluetooth tags
Added Bluetooth SensorNode tag logging
Added option to use MAC address as identifier for iBeacons and Eddystone tags
Added iBeacon and Eddystone filters
Added Bluetooth active/passive scanning options
Added Bluetooth long range support
Bluetooth now behaves correctly in no comms geofences
Added method for integrating tags via system parameters
Extended maximum Bluetooth scan to 4 minutes

Versions below require BLE version 1.1

Added Iridium support
Added Weigand driver ID support
Added Input Monitor
Modem reset asyng message support
First Production Firmware

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