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Falcon Cellular - Configuring Wi-Fi Lookups

The Falcon is the first product to offer a hybrid of GPS and Wi-Fi location acquisition. As a result, it is important to ensure the device is configured to provide the latest location data in a way which accommodates your intended integration strategy.

Location Data

The Falcon will always send the most recently obtained location data. Should you have more than a single location method enabled (i.e. GPS + Wi-Fi), the Falcon will identify which data is more recent and log the respective data when performing non-trip operations (i.e. temperature probe readings, measuring analog inputs, handling high G events, etc.).


A lookup refers to the process of using the supplied Wi-Fi data from the Falcon to perform a geolocation operation to translate the Wi-Fi data into corresponding GPS coordinates. This is a billed process and incurs a charge per lookup.

Using The Telematics Guru Platform

When sending Wi-Fi data from OEM to TG, any Wi-Fi based records will automatically prompt a lookup to obtain corresponding GPS coordinates for each telemetry entry in TG. If you are using a cost-effective approach, it is recommended to set Non-Trip Wi-Fi Lookups under the Advanced Tracking tab to Disabled. This will prompt the device to not log any Wi-Fi data for non-trip operations since the lookup result would be identical to the previous records until a new Wi-Fi scan is performed. Any trip-based operations (i.e. heartbeats, etc.) will force a lookup to be performed.

Using Third Party Server Integration

When sending Wi-Fi data from OEM to a third party server, no lookups are performed and the records are transmitted with 'raw' Wi-Fi data which includes the MAC address and RSSI for each access point scanned. Thus there is no incurred lookup billing and it is hence recommended to set Non-Trip Wi-Fi Lookups under the Advanced Tracking tab to Enabled. This will result in all Wi-Fi records being sent to the third party server with complete scan data for both non-trip and trip based operations.

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