- Improve device brownout detection


- Ensure Wi-Fi records are logged in the case where cell tower scans are enabled but fails to acquire tower scan.

- Tasks can be triggered by either GPS or Wi-Fi location fix.

- Data records will always be logged with freshest type of location data (can be optionally controlled using Non-Trip Wi-Fi Lookups parameter).


- Added inactivity timer feature.


- Fixed issue where continuous heartbeats could occur while using Jostle Tracking.

- Improved device power consumption when using Standard GPS Tracking with an Accelerometer No Move Limit of 0.


- Parameter separation/renaming for clarity on use of the Turn-by-Turn GPS Tracking.

- Added heartbeat functionality to Turn-by-Turn GPS Tracking.

- Turn-by-Turn and Standard GPS Tracking modes use the Periodic Tracking module to manage heartbeats (supports failover functionality).

- Improvements in logging logic for Tasks.

- Fixed Active High configurations being ignored for Digital Inputs.

- Switch Ground control available through TG immobilizer functionality.


- First production firmware