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Falcon - Wiring in DM I2C Sensors

This guide is to be read in conjunction with the DM Temperature Sensor Datasheet.

Digital Matter manufacture and supply a Temperature/Humidy (Ambient) I2C Sensor, and an I2C Temperature Probe. Check the above data sheet for specifications.

Ambient Sensor (Temperature and Humidity Sensor) 

I2C Temperature Probe

Connecting the Sensors

Please note, Wires will need to be inserted through the gland in the housing first, then wired into the PCB.

On the board, you will see a strip of screw terminals, 4 of them are used for the I2C Bus.

  1. GND 
  2. SDA
  3. SCL
  4. 3.3V

The connections for each sensor are as follows:

DM Ambient Sensor

RED: (Positive)    ---> 3.3V

BROWN: (Clock)  ---> SCL

GREEN: (Data)     ---> SDA

BLACK: (Ground) ---> GND

PURPLE: Not used

ORANGE: Not used

Note: The wires are inserted into the front hole next to the label. unscrew the clamp section of the screw by rotating counter-clockwise, then insert wire.

When configuring system parameters for the Falcon (or other DM devices), to read from this sensor, ensure readings for "Ambient Sensor" are enabled. 

Connecting DM Temperature Probes

Each I2C sensor has an address. For the Ambient sensor this is set at the factory and fixed to one address. 
The Temperature probe sensor can be given 1 of 2 addresses, depending on how it is wired (green wire sets address). 

Connections are as follows:

RED: (Positive)    ---> 3.3V

BROWN: (Clock)  ---> SCL

ORANGE: (Data)  ---> SDA

BLACK: (Ground) ---> GND

GREEN: Address selection - GND for Temp Sensor 1 , 3V3 for Temp Sensor 2

Where the green wire is connected dictates which sensor you should select when setting up your system parameters. 

E.g it is connected to GND, set the Falcon up to measure "DM Temp Probe 1"

An image of thee connection for DM Temp Probe 1 is shown below, for probe 2, move the green wire to the 3.3V terminal.

Wiring configuration for "DM Temp Probe 1"

Viewing Sensor data in Telematics Guru

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