Periodic Tracking

Periodic tracking is a setting that is designed for applications that only require GPS Fixes and an upload on a set interval for assets that are generally not moving. This setting is good for extending battery life.

Available on:

  • Oyster/Oyster2
  • Remora/Remora2
  • Yabby GPS & Wifi
  • Eagle
  • Falcon
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Set a Device to periodic tracking only (sans Yabby)

To set an Oyster series, Remora Series, Falcon, or Eagle to Periodic tracking only i.e to send a position update on a set interval, open the System Parameters and add the Advanced Tracking parameter, then set Periodic Tracking Only to Yes. This will  

After pressing Update, periodic tracking will be enabled the next time the device connects to the server. The default period is 12 hours, but to change this, also add the Basic Tracking parameter, and change Heartbeat Upload Period to the required period (in Minutes).  

Please take into account that for parameters to take affect (as well as enabling recovery mode), the device needs to connect to the server when choosing the upload period. 

Setting the Yabby to Periodic Tracking only

The Yabby parameters are a bit different. To switch a Yabby to Periodic Tracking only, you add in the System Parameter tab Basic Tracking and change the 'Periodic tracking only' field to Yes and set your heartbeat upload time frame above.

Battery Life 

This table shows the battery life estimations from Lithium or LTC batteries (where applicable).

Device Type1hr2hr
Avg. GPS fix time10s15s30s45s60s60s
Oyster2 4G1 Year1.8 Years2.8 years4.5 years6 Years7 years
Remora2 4G5 Years8.5 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 years
Yabby GPS 4G17 Weeks30 weeks45 weeks1.3 Years1.7 Years3 Years
Yabby Wifi 4G20 Weeks40 weeks1.4 years2.5 years3.8 years6.5 Years

 Battery Life & Battery Management

For more detail on estimating battery life, low battery alerts and battery management, see the article Battery Life, Battery Capacity Estimate & Low Battery Flag on our support portal

Periodic Mode in Telematics Guru

If you change a trip based asset to a periodic/ or point based asset in OEM Server, you'll also need to change the type in Telematics Guru. This ensures that the address lookups are handled correctly - so the street address will be updated on each heartbeat.

To change this, go to assets, Manage Assets and select either the cog menu(1) and edit(2) and click on the I/O Mappings tab(below), or select the Asset from the grid and click on I/O Mappings(3) quick link

Once you've navigated to the I/O Mappings tab, you can select or un-select the Trip Based checkbox.

The reference table below outlines the differences between Point and Trip based tracking

DifferenceTrip BasedPoint Based
History ScreenMap History ViewPoint History View
Address lookupOn Trip start and Trip EndOn Heartbeats only

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