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SensorData Sigfox Firmware Release Notes


- Added downlink for digital input alert queuing

- Added downlinks for 3.3V output switching on schedules

- Ensured zero-second power on delays will always produce at least a short pulse of power

- Ensured reported pulse counts won't roll back on power loss

- Eliminated dead-time to allow higher frequency pulse counting

- Optimized for low power pulse counting when debounce is 0 ms

- Fixed downlink support (broken in v1.5 & 1.6)


 - Added digital input alert queuing

 - Added schedule on digital input alert

 - Added power output enable on schedule

 - Fixed bug in digital input downlink message

 - Updated to new configuration app format


 - Added pull direction to digital input downlink message.

 - Lowered device wake up time to support pulse counting of shorter pulse widths.


- Lowered digital input latency to support pulse counting of shorter pulse widths.


 - SDI12 compatibility update. 


 - Analog input bug fix.


 - Added downlink support.


 - Initial release.

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