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Digital Matter SMS App

The Digital Matter SMS App allows you to send the following SMS commands to multiple units. It aims to make it more convenient for resellers to send SMS commands to their devices.

To use the SMS app you will need an Clickatell API account with credits. To create an account follow this link.

The app is for Windows only.

Download the exe attached to this article. Double click on it to run.

The app is an unsigned executable, so when opening the app for the first time, click on run anyway.

Using the Digital Matter SMS App

Info on how to send an APN SMS command:

1. API details: input your Clickatell API details.

2. The mobile number needs to start with the country code. 

3. Enter the APN name, Username and Password without comma separators next to it. Comma's are automatically added in the background.

4. Click on send.

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