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Dart Firmware Release Notes

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Dart Application Firmware - this applies to the original Dart, and not Dart2.

Obtain and save cell tower information in debug logs whilst in recovery mode.
Fixed logic error in temperature based battery charger control.
Power saving pin mux fixes.
Updated UART driver.
Recovery mode timeout.
Position SMS functionality.
Charging disabled below -1 deg c.
GPS fail notify support.
Fixed unresponsive ADC after WD Reset
Run detect will end trips correctly after a mid-trip reset
Guard against unresponsive modem
AutoAPN additions
Disable battery charging above 48 degrees. Feature can be disabled.
Disable movement trips with movement threshold set to 0xFFFF.
Calibrate processor temp sensor with more reliable modem temperature.
Fix GSM SIM Toolkit disable loop.
Removed 2G disable
GSM restart time increased from 10 to 30s
Reduced failed connection reset number to 50
Fully disable all I/O when powering down modem
Reading modem fw version on first power on
Disabling 2G on 3G devices
Reduced failed connection reset number to 80
Reading network code failures from modem
Reset after 100 failed connection attempts
Extra GSM debug logging after multiple failed connection attemps
Parameterised roll threshold.
Movement trip start speed threshold
RTC update
Added parameter for buzzer beeps on harsh driving event.
Driver ID from iButton reader.
Accident detection and logging levels added as: off; log reason only; log reason and reconstruction data.
Idle monitoring on device. Sets a digital input on idle event if enabled.
Driver ID from RFID TTL peripheral support added.
Buzzing via RFID peripheral added.
Driver lists tested
Recovery mode log reasons for control from TG
Immobilisation log reasons for control from TG
Debugging baud rate is now 9600 bps
Extended SGACT? timeout to 10 sec
accDSP merged in supporting driver profiling and accident detection
RTC leap year fix
Fixed updating of the RTC from the Hello message response.
Trip trimming is disabled by default.
Initial release

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