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SensorData LoRaWAN® - Configuration App

Download the app here:


  • The app is for Windows only
  • It automatically updates to the latest version before launching
  • If the SensorData LoRaWAN device is asleep, it cannot detect that the cable has been plugged in. It must be woken up. To wake it, you can either hold the button for 5 seconds, or use a power reset. Step by step, this would be:
    • Run app
    • Select the COM port for the config cable
    • Attach the config cable to the SensorData
    • Click Start.
    • Wake the device - either hold the button for 5 seconds, or apply power to the device.
    • See that the device comes up in the config app - it should show the DevEUI.

Step by step example of how to change parameters:

  1. Install the app from the link above.
  2. Connect the USB config cable to both PC and SensorData.
  3. Select the COM port in the app.
  4. Before clicking start, modify the settings you need. The settings in the right column are the "desired" settings.
  5. Tick the "Program Parameters" tickbox in the top right to update parameters. If you wish to update firmware too, tick "Program Firmware" too.
  6. Click start
  7. Wake the device, as described above. Hold the button for 5 seconds, or reset the power.
  8. The DevEUI should show in the app.
  9. The device will download the settings and reset automatically.
  10. The "Parameter Date" should update to the current time, reflecting when the parameters were updated.

Getting the device details from the app:

It is possible to get the DevEUI, Default App Key, AppEUI, and programmed App Key from the config app.

  1. Start by connecting a device to the config app, and getting communication between app and device
  2. Click the DevEUI List button in the top left of the app.
  3. A window will open to the left. The window will contain a text box with the details of each device that the app has communicated with.
  4. Select and copy the details out as required.

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