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Set the Connector

A connector specifies where the OEM Server should direct the device data. OEM can direct the device data to a variety of front end software platforms, such as Telematics Guru.


If the connector is not set, and the device connects into OEM, device data will be discarded

  • If the connector is set but the device is not setup on the end platform, the device may not be able to commit records. Setup the device correctly on the connected platform or set the connector to NONE to get the data off the device-however this data will be lost.


How to set a Connector?

To set the connector, select as many devices as you would like to apply the connector by ticking the checkbox as shown below.

Go to  (1)"Device Operations" and from the dropdown, select "Set Connector".

From the dialogue box, either search through the dropdown, or type the connector name that you want to set, and then click ok.

What Connector to Set?

  • For Traditional Devices

It might be hard to identify what connector to set for your devices from the connector dropdown list. If you are using Telematics Guru, the easiest way to find this out would be to log out of your user account, and then the sign in page will show what connector/server to set.

So according to the above image the server is APAC 3. So in OEM, you can set the connector as TG (APAC 03). Now once we create the asset in Telematics Guru, the device will start sending the data here.

If you are using a third party platform, you can create a connector in OEM, (Connection Manager permission is required for this) and then set this connector using the steps mentioned above to direct the device data to the endpoint specified in the connector.  

  • For Edge Devices

The connectors for the Edge range devices is slightly different to that of a traditional device. The server is still the same, but instead of selecting the connector for the traditional device, we need to choose a "Location Engine" connector.

To be clear, if your server is APAC 3, then the connector for your traditional devices will be TG (APAC 03), but for the edge devices it will be Location Engine ->TG (APAC 03).  Other than selecting the Location Engine connector, the process for setting up an Edge device in Telematics Guru is similar to other devices. 

However if you want to send the Edge device data to a third party platform, follow the steps here

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