Set the Connector

A connector specifies where the OEM Server should direct the device data. OEM can direct the device data to a variety of front end software platforms, such as Telematics Guru.


If the connector is not set, and the device connects into OEM, OEM will simply discard all data

  • If the connector is set but the device is not setup on the connected platform, the device may not be able to commit records. Setup the device correctly on the connected platform. Or set the connect to NONE to get the data off it - this data will be lost.

Connectors may have cryptic names, but they refer to how the data is sent and where. For example, TCP_TG_Flexi_Live is the default connector for sending data to Telematics Guru. It means that it uses the TCP protocol; it sends the data to TG; it uses the Flexible Record protocol; and it sends it to the TG Live system.

To set the connector on a device, select the device (1) you want to set the connector for:


Go to Device Operations (1) and then go to Set Connector (2):


Choose the connector (1) you want to use and then click OK (2):

To do this for multiple devices, select as many devices as you would like to apply the connector to.

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