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Hawk - Battery Level Monitoring

Hawk-LiPo Battery Level Monitoring

Hawk battery level can be monitored and alerts set based on "Battery Good" Digital Inputs.

The "Battery Good Digital Input" is used to configure alerts based on battery health. The digital input to be used can be selected. High (1) indicates the battery is good. Low (0) indicates the battery is no longer good.

The "Battery Low Threshold" is the voltage level above which the battery is considered good, below which is considered no longer good.

Hawk - D Cell Battery Level Monitoring

The Hawk D Cell has its primary cells connected to the V external input on the main hawk board.

Vext is reported on Analogue 2.

In order to configure low-battery alerts with the Hawk D Cell, set alerts to fire based on voltage thresholds reported on Analogue 2.

Example Shown Below:

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