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Hawk - Configure MLX90640 Infrared Camera

Physically configure the Hawk and camera

  1. Install the Agtech1 card.
  2. Install the latest main board FW (v1.3 or later) via OEM Device Manager.
  3. Install the latest Agtech1 I/O card FW (v1.8 or later) via OEM Device Manager.
    1. Navigate to device details and change the card FW to v1.8 or later.
  4. Install the camera wires to the appropriate I/Os as illustrated below:Note: As with the Eagle, for low noise performance this sensor requires a 100nF and a 10uF decoupling capacitor to be added to the sensor pins. See this Eagle Article for details. Without these capacitors, noise of ±2°C is expected.

Configure Systems Parameters in Device Manager

  1. Navigate to the Agtech1 tab and configure the parameters shown below.
  2. Navigate to the I2C Action 1 tab, and configure the following parameters in yellow:
    1. Sensor Type: The I2C sensor of choice. In our case, the MLX90640 Thermal Camera
    2. Sensor Parameter 1: Wakeup time (s) before performing a reading. Optimal time for accuracy is 4min (240s) – this is the value you used in a previous Eagle deployment.
    3. Sensor Parameter 2: Lens exposure (s). Value can be 0, 1, or 2. [0, 1, 2] => [2s, 1s, 0.5s]  
    4. Sensor Parameter 3: Emissivity of the target (for calibration). Ranges from 0-1000. E.g. previous Eagle value was 0.98, the Hawk equivalent value is 980.
  3. Navigate to the Task 1 tab, and configure the following parameters in yellow:
    1. Period Unit: Units of the period you want Task 1 to run (e.g. seconds, minutes, hours). Eagle Parameter was minutes.
    2. Schedule period: Period between tasks.
    3. Log Multiplier (L): Log a task record every (L) times the task occurs. 
    4. GPS Multiplier (G) Get a GPS fix every (G) time the tasked is logged. Occurs every (GxL) tasks.
    5. Upload Multiplier (U): Upload every U times the task occurs. Occurs every (L x U) tasks.
    6. Action 1: Select which action should be run for this task. In this case, we want to pick the I2C Action 1 option which we configured previously.
  4. Hit the update button to save the settings. The Hawk should now be configured to work with the MLX90640.

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