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Hawk - Connect an External Cellular Antenna

The Hawk comes fitted with internal cellular and GPS antennas. This makes deployment quick and easy. 

Some users on the edge of cellular coverage may wish to fit an external cellular antenna to increase sensitivity. 

Connecting an External Antenna

A U.FL-SMA pigtail connector can be fitted to the PCB, and extended through the housing in order to connect an external antenna. 

Key Requirements:

  • IP67 Rated in order to maintain the seal of the housing
  • 150mm cable length (longer is OK)
  • Extended SMA barrel length so that it protrudes properly through the housing


Amphenol 336319-12-0150 - Digikey

Fitting the Antenna

There is a U.FL connector on the Hawk PCB.

There is a hole for the SMA end of the connector located in the position shown below on the housing. The Hawk is supplied with a plug fitted. Remove the plug in order to fit the connector.

Follow any instructions given by the SMA-U.FL connector manufacturer carefully to ensure it is fitted correctly to maintain the water-tight seal.


In Admin Parameters - select the Antenna in use.

DM devices have Connectivity Settings Fallback functionality. This means that if the wrong antenna is selected here, after 3 days of being unable to connect the device will revert to the previous working setting.

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