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Hawk - Configure DM Temp Probe (Deprecated)

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Please ensure to also read the below for full details on configuring Tasks and I²C Sensors for the Hawk

The DM Temperature Sensor is no longer manufactured by DM. If you have one on hand to use with the Hawk, setup is as below.


Sensor WireConnect to
Red (3V3)Hawk IO 5
Brown (SCL)Hawk IO 6
Orange (SDA)Hawk IO 4
Black (GND)Hawk GND
Green (Address Select)This sets the sensor's address.

Connect to GND to set as Temp Probe '1' - 150 (0x96)

Connect to Hawk IO 5 (3V3) to set as Temp Probe '2' - 158 (0x9E)


Sensors - I²C Action Parameters

We need to configure 1 or 2 probes to be read as part of an I²C Action

Probe 1

The "default" I²C Address is 150 - so if we leave it blank, the below reads from Temp Probe 1
Probe 1 is the probe we have wired with the Green wire connected to GND

Probe 2

To read from Temp Sensor 2, set the address to 158
Sensor 2 is the sensor we have wired with the Green wire connected to 3V3.

Task Parameters

To read both during the task, set up both I²C Actions in the task. If using only 1 probe configure only 1 action etc.


With the above parameters, the output would be:

ValueAnalogueUnitsConversion Example
Temp Probe 1Analogue Offset Value (12)°C * 100800 = 8°C
Temp Probe 2Analogue Offset Value (13)°C * 100800 = 8°C

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